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10 Nov

Morning Meeting:  
Caleb is our Calendar helper this week, and in true Keshet fashion he led the meeting with complete understanding and poise! Way too go Caleb!!!!
Since Tuesday was voting day we took some time to talk about the voting process and why it is so important. Please be sure to ask your children what they learned. 
We were also joined by Talya and Rotem. This week’s lesson was games that DO NOT include phones, TV, iPads, or anything electronic!!!! One game was 
1-2-3 Salty Fish (אחת, שתיים, שלוש, דג מלוח) to see how to play see this link…   http://www.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=5221
There was also a version of Duck Duck Goose (אווז ברווז ברווז) and Musical Chairs (כיסאות מוזיקאליים). We had a great time with Talya and Rotem and look forward to playing these games more frequently!!!!
Open Circle:
We began our Monday morning learning about “When to tell an adult” when something is happening. The children learned all about Double D behaviors. A Double D behavior is considered DANGEROUS or DESTRUCTIVE. We described dangerous behaviors as; hitting, kicking, pushing, throwing things, running with scissors, etc. Destructive behaviors have been described as, ruining someones work, or destroying another person’s property. If a child sees a DD behavior they are to immediately find an adult. These are situations where they should NOT attempt to handle it on their own. 
If the behavior is NOT a DD than children are expected to use the “I Feel” sentence. This sentence explains how they feel and WHY they feel the way they do. For example; “I FEEL, angry, BECAUSE you took my pencil without asking.” After the “I feel” sentence is used the children are urged to talk about the problem and work on a solution. If their attempts do not work they are then asked to come to a teacher for help. 
These are extremely important skills for children to acquire. Being able to express their feelings in a productive manner is sure to help them in the long run. Please help us by using these strategies at home as well. 
Secular Studies:
Reading Groups 
Our reading groups are continuing to shift. Children are really growing with leaps and bounds!!!! Each group reads together, completed their reading packet to corresponds to their book, and then re-read independently. Teachers (Morah Miriam, Ms. Ball, and myself) are rotating throughout these groups to listen to reading and offset support with the work that follows. Some skills that have been addressed this week are as follows; how to use a Venn diagram, identifying the characters, setting, problem and solution. 
Math Centers: 
Things 1 began the week by counting to a blast-off! In case you were wondering that is counting backwards from 10. After counting children used their books with pictures to identify and practice this skill as well as creating visual numbers with unified cubes.
Things 2 are continuing to develop an understanding of “Fact Families” and how 3 numerals can be used in 4 different equations.  
After last week’s lesson on the skeletal system, children had the opportunity to create their own skeletons, on black paper with chalk. They looked at photos of skeletons and did their best to include as many of the bones as possible. We also learned that there are 27 bones in the human hand, 26 bones in the human foot, and 24 bones in the ribcage.
Spelling/Sight Words:
Things 1 have been reviewing their old sight words in a variety of ways. recreating the written words with play-doh is always a favorite. They were also able to practice their words with stamps and magnetic letters. (For these activities) the words were written in upper case letters and they had to recreate them with lower case letters. 
Things 2 were introduced to new Spelling words that focused on /dr/, /gr/, and /tr/, letter combinations. The words are becoming more challenging but the children are doing an amazing job of working through them. m
Veteran’s Day…
We ended the week with a visit from Nurse Carolyn, just before lunch. She read a story and shared her Coast Guard experience with us. After lunch we went the the fabulous Veteran’s Day program Ms. Murray set up for the school. We heard from a variety of former military men and women and honored them with some special songs. 

ilitary men and women 

Judaic/Hebrew :
 Tefillah was beautifully led by Ben and Dar. Taking turns leading the Tefillot they led the group with lots of ruach!
We had a great time this week with Chayei Sarah.  We listened to “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” as this goes along with the story of Yitzhak and Rivka — and the role that Eliezer played.  After seeing the godcast, we had a role play involving God, Avraham, Sarah, Yitzhak, Eliezer, Rivka, the landowner who owned the Cave of Machpela, the Huppa Pole Holders, and the camels.  We did Coke and Pepsi with 2 lines: Yitzhak and Rivka; the actions were: be kind to animals; say mincha; and fall off your camel when you see your spouse-to-be.  We watched educational videos about how camels store their water (hint: it’s not in their humps!) and how water wells get dug.  We then had our own in-class maker space! We built 4 different wells out of wooden blocks and legos, making sure that our pitcher would fit in to the well as we built each well.  We then made our conga line, marched around all 4 wells, together with our thirsty camels singing “The Camels go Marching One by One”, “Ushavtem Mayim”, and “Matchmaker Matchmaker”.  We talked about the qualities of our ancestors: hospitality, kindness, compassion, kindness to animals, etc.
Parsha Vocabulary:
pitcher    כַּד  old   זָקֵן  cave   מְעָרָה  eyes   עַיִן  field    שָׂדֶה
Thank you, and Shabbat Shalom!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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