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06 Nov

We have some very exciting news!!!! We have come up with a fundraising idea for the IDF vest campaign. On Friday, January 29, 2016 (the same day as our Siddur Ceremony) we will be having a Keshet Art Show. On January 29th, immediately following the Siddur Ceremony, each child will have their own table and will be “selling” their artwork. We encourage you to purchase their work. You may purchase items for any amount of money that you are comfortable with. It can be 1 dollar or 20. All of the money raised will go to the IDF vest campaign. The children are very excited! We encourage you to bring your family, friends, neighbors, etc… This is such an important cause and we are proud to be a part of it! We look forward to all of your support!
The Keshet class had another wonderful week full of learning and new experiences! Making grape juice was by far the most fun we had this week! Read on to find out more!!!!
Circle time consisted of Days of the week, months or the year, date, days of school, and colors in both English and Hebrew. On Monday morning the class was introduced to this week’s Parsha. In this Parashat Chayei Sarah we learned that Abraham and Sarah lived in Canaan but because they didn’t have any land they had to move from place to place.
Sarah dies and Abraham wants his son Isaac to merry a girl from his homeland. He sends his servant Eliezer back to the land he had been born. Abraham gives Eliezer gifts to give to his family and Eliezer is leaving on his long journey. On his way he stops for a break next to a well as he got closer he was wondering how he will find the right girl for Isaac to marry, and he started to pray to
G-d.  As he got closer he saw a girl and asks her for a drink of water, she smiled and offered Eliezer and his camel’s water. Eliezer was happy and thought to himself “she is kind and pretty, maybe she is the one to marry Isaac? Later Eliezer and his camels were invited to Rebekah’s house to stay the night and to meet her family. Eliezer shared with Rebekah’s family the reason for his journey and asked Rebekah’s father (Bethuel) and her brother (Lavan) to have Rebekah go to Canaan with him and to merry Isaac. After much thought Rebekah agreed, and she left her family and traveled to Canaan with Eliezer to marry Isaac.
Questions of the week:
How did Eliezer know that Rebekah is the right girls for Isaac to marry?
How do you think Rebekah felt before she meets Isaac?
Our center activities consisted of English Reading with Morah Beth and and Hebrew Morah Limor. Written activities followed providing the children an opportunity to work independently and practice the skills that were discussed in their group. This week in science we are focusing on autumn so naturally one of our centers revolved around this beautiful season. Children were given a homework assignment of collecting leaves, twigs, and other fall outdoor items. With their collections they created a 3 dimensional, tree that displayed some of the beautiful fall foliage we have been seeing. Children also had the opportunity to make beaded necklaces to represent the jewelry that Eliezer gave to Rebecca when he first met her by the well. 
In this weeks math lesson the first grade continued to work on methods of subtraction. They are practicing their fact fluency with lots of repetition.  Kindergarten was able to work on some simple addition using manipulatives from the Singapore math program. 
This weeks ‘Word of the Day” writing consisted of the words “autumn” and “trees”. Children were asked to use the word in two sentences ,including uppercase at the beginning and punctuation. They were then asked to illustrate their writing. 
Spelling and sight words This week’s spelling words focus on /dr/ , /tr/ and /gr/ words. Children use a variety of games and activities to help remember the spelling of these words. Kindergarten students are learning about word families, through pictures, matching, and sentence building. 
For Science, we have begun to learn about the different seasons. Seeing as how we are still in autumn we began with this unit. We have focused a great deal on leaves and the “metamorphosis” they go through. We learned about what happens in autumn that is different from the summer season. We also learned a great deal about trees and leaves. How the leaves get and why they change colors. The children can now tell you how the leaves help the many parts of a tree, as well as what chlorophyl is and what happens when the trees no longer need it. We had a great time going outside and searching for particular types of leaves as well. Each child had a card with a specific leaf name on it and they had to go search the leaf piles outside to find their leaf. 
For this week’s Judaic craft, the class made a kiddush cup. We learned about the blessing over the wine said on Shabbat and even how wine is made. The class was showed a funny video (per the request of Morah Beth). Who remembers the “I Love Lucy show when she was stomping the grapes???? Well not only was Keshet introduced to this funny clip, they also had the tremendously fun experience of stomping grapes!!!! I don’t think the children will ever look at Borai Pri Hagafen the same way again!!!!
This week’s Open Circle lesson focused on ” When to deal with Situations Yourself. Last week we learned about Double D behaviors. This week we talked about what kind and how to deal with other behaviors independently. We shared examples of DD behaviors and I then asked for them to share disruptive or annoying examples of behaviors. The children were all asked how they feel when someone annoys them. We all agreed that we do not like to be annoyed and that we have a variety of emotions that go along with being annoyed. any feeling that we experience is an acceptable feeling. Happy, sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, etc… In order for others to understand how they are making us feel we need to tell them. We learned the “I Feel” statement.  “I feel _____________, because you _________________.”  or “I don’t like it when you___________________”. Children are strongly encouraged to express their feelings to their peers as well as why they are feeling that way. 
NEXT WEEK’S WACKY WEDNESDAY will be Military Day. In honor of Veteran’s Day we encourage your child to dress in some form of military attire. Camouflage is certainly the simplest, but please feel free to think outside the box and help us support and remember the men and women who serve and protect out country! 
 Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!

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