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04 Nov

This week began with a lovely classroom Tefillah. Our Tefillah leaders, Alexandra, and Sophie, led their congregants in an engaged and joyous manner. We also had another amazing visit from Morah Miriam’s daughter, and Ezra alum, Gilah! She spoke to us about this week’s Parshat Noah, and shared a fun art project!
We are continuing to develop some of the Open Circle 
In addition to Open Circle, we are continuing to help the children develop a sense of accountability and responsibility. Children are asked to place their items in their cubby and their folders in the folders basket upon arrival. They are expected to clean up after themselves, (clean up snack mess, put pencils and books away, push in chairs, etc) as well as treating all classroom materials with respect. Another important piece of this is, for each child to take ownership of their folders and homework logs. It is important for the folders to come back to school each day and for the children to check their homework logs to ensure all of the necessary “work” is completed. Please help your child build upon these skills by encouraging them at home. 
Social Studies continued with taking a look at how to make a map. Children were then showed pictures of treasure maps and they each had a chance to create their very own, authentic looking map. Ray and Yuval joined us for this fun experience. Check out the bulletin board to see all maps on display.
Hebrew vocabulary continues to flow freely throughout the classroom. In addition to the previously mentioned vocabulary (body parts, left/right, run, walk, etc..) Things 2 have been given their 4th spelling list. Their new words are…
previous words are as follows…
Year     שָׁנָה   good      טוֹב    me   אֲנִי    Say    אָמַר    Life    חַיִּים   Shofar   שׁוֹפָר   Apple   תַּפּוּחַ  honey  דְּבַשׁ   eat    אָכַל   water    מַיִם   water    שָׁטַף   drink   שָׁתָה   write   כָּתַב      sentence  מִשְׁפָּט   happy   שָׂמֵחַ   baby fish    דָּגִיג   fish     דָּג    ice cream  גְּלִידָה          teacher    מוֹרֶה    child     יֶלֶד soup  מָרָק house  בַּיִת; grass  דֶּשֶׁא; shirt  חֻלְצָה ; squirrel   סְנָאִי ; painting  ציור ; Israel   יִשְׂרָאֵל; love  אָהַב ; kippa  כיפה ; clown  לֵיצָן    create    ברא   sky    שָׁמַיִם   earth   אֶרֶץ    light   אוֹר   darkness  חֹשֶׁךְ
New words that have been introduced are as follows;
no   לֹא   can  יָכֹל   pants   מִכְנָסַיִם    notebook  מַחְבֶּרֶת   wear  לָבַשׁ   fruit  פְּרִי    red   אָדֹם   hair   אָדֹם   tomato   עַגְבָנִיָּה
We have been doing a great deal of readingDesperaux is becoming more and more exciting. We have met some interesting new characters. Roscuro, Botecelli, and the Queen! We know that Roscuro and Desperaux are destined to meet, and while they are quite different they also have a great deal in common. Roscuro is as mesmerized by the light as Desperaux. So mesmerized that he snuck up into the castle and literally crashed a party the King and Queen were having. Upon hearing the Princess Pea shout the word rat, he realized that it was not a nice, light, kind, good word. Roscuro begins to think of himself as everything Botecelli tells him he should be. With the realization that human do not like rats, he lost his grip on the chandelier he was hiding on and fell into the queen’s soup.
Children also had the opportunity to “read with someone” . children were paired together and shred books and stories together. 

 Handwriting has continued at an individual pace. Each child works through their handwriting books, practicing the letter sounds and proper letter formation. Phonics activities are provided to the children in Things 1 while Things 2 are being instructed on grammar skills. Capitalization, punctuation, nouns, and complete sentences are all skills that are being learned and practiced regularly.

This weeks sight words included, out off, and up. Spelling words for things 2 has been a review of short vowel sounds. 
This week in math the Things 1 have been introduced to the “ten frame” as well as how to read them. Through the use of pictures and manipulatives children are developing a number sense for the numbers zero through ten. 
 Math Vocabulary: digits; numeral; ten frame; centimeter cubes, unifix cubes
Things 2 have completed Chapter 3, (Addition within Ten), through the use of number bonds and the counting on strategy. Children should be practicing their math facts daily. The expectation for the end of the children’s Keshet experience is to master these facts within 4 seconds. 
Math Vocabulary: addend; sum; equation
In this week’s Parsha Noach: We watched the god-cast, and read “Why Noah Chose the Dove”, “Tower of Babel”, “We’re All in the Same Boat”, “Naamah and the Ark at Night”, and “The Animals and the Ark”.
Using the book “300 Ways to Read the 4 Questions”, we read the 4 Questions in: English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Uzbek, Russian, Vietnamese, Dutch, and other languages, as we talked about linguistic diversity in the context of the Tower of Babel.
Ask your children about our role play; we acted out the story of Noah with props and costumes, and the following characters: Noah, Naamah, Shem, Ham, Japhet, God, the Dove, all of the animals they brought in (rabbit, bunny, monkey, dog, panda, bear, cow, etc.) and the Rainbow.
We sang: Somewhere over the Rainbow; You Say Tomato, I say Tomato; Let the Sunshine In; Shir laShalom; and Mashiv Haruach.  They especially enjoyed this song, which I hope you will share with them as well:
We discussed the importance of preserving the earth, as part of our covenant with God, which includes God’s promise to never destroy the earth again.
We played the game “Telephone” in Hebrew.
The children behaved in a stellar fashion today and yesterday in whole school Tefillah.  Yesterday we marked Rosh Hodesh Heshvan, including Hallel in our prayers.  They followed along carefully in the Siddur and participated in the tefillot.
Parsha vocabulary:
Tzadik: צדיק   Ark  תֵּבָה   covenant   בְּרִית   flood   מַבּוּל   language  שָׂפָה
Shabbat Shalom
Beth and Miriam 🙂

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