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04 Sep

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In Circle we continued to learn about our calendar in both Hebrew and English. Songs and new experiences were caught onto quickly and with excitement. We also took this time to review our first class skill of “Not Interrupting”. The children know to use the non-verbal signals for a question, the bathroom or when they agree with someone.

 Our first Tefillah went beautifully. The children learned the Modeh/Modah Ani and the Shema. They have also been singing Al Shlosha Devarim. Children are learning the tunes and hand motions to go along with these Tefillot. 
In math, new concepts were introduced for both grades. The Kindergarten focused on one to one correspondence, and matching. First graders began the Singapore Math Program with a review of sequential counting and number words. They then moved onto a review of more/less and comparisons and began to learn about “number bonds” and how they show a part and a whole. 
Centers activities went very nicely. There were four groups that rotated throughout the week. Reading group with Morah Beth, Reading or Writing with Morah Limor, All About Me activity sheet, and Hebrew letter writing. The children are all learning how to work independently through their centers and they are putting forth their best efforts. We have begun preparing for our Hashem Sheli (On October 28th at 9:30 am) with All About Me activities. The children are learning new songs, making posters and even creating an All About Me book! Friday’s centers were also great fun. Leggo’s, fine motor activities, lincoln logs, play do , etc… The children had 15 minutes at each center and rotated so everyone was able to experience each activity. 
We have started this new year with a very special program, Open Circle. The Open Circle program is designed to help children learn strategies and techniques in order to effectively communicate with others. We have learned how to carefully get into and out of an “open circle” as well as why it is called open circle. We also talked about our classroom goals, expectations and nonnegotiable rules. These definitions and suggestions are displayed on the bulletin board outside of the classroom. 
Wacky Wednesday was a huge success!!!! All of the beach attire was so much fun. FYI – Next Wacky Wednesday is “Dress like a Grandma/Grandpa Day” 🙂
Have fun with it 🙂
We began learning about a very special holiday…Rosh Hashanah.  We played charades. Morah Beth and Morah Limor acted out Tefillah, a shofar, honey, new years cards, etc. The children had to guess what we were doing and then give us the words in Hebrew and English! After charades we read a Rosh Hashanah story that Morah Beth read in hebrew and Morah Limor read in English!!!!!
We finished the week with a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat led by Gabrielle. We sand songs, said the brachot, and showed how well we know the Shabbat routine by sharing our skills with Ilanot.
We have had a wonderful first week and we look forward to many more! Shabbat Shalom everyone!

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