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01 Sep


What a wonderful first week it has been. Your children have been developing new friendships as well as maintaining the old ones. We began with a lovely whole School Tefillah where we met all of Ezra’s new students and teachers! Reading and math assessments have been completed for all of the children, and we will begin groups next week! Please read below to see what we have been busy with this week and don’t forget to check out the photo link below! 
Morning Meeting: Children gathered for the calendar and weather (in Hebrew and English). Caleb, our calendar helper made sure to keep Morah Beth on track… Clearly she was still in summer mode 😉
Open Circle: This is a behavior/skills program we will be using throughout the year. This week we learned how to get in and out of Open Circle as well as what the classroom/school rules/expectations are. Each child placed their handprint on out pledge and it is reviewed daily and proudly displayed just outside our classroom. Please ask your children about getting into Open Circle as well as what our classroom rules and “Active Listening” are.
Secular Studies:
Centers: Center based activities take place during many areas of the curriculum. This week children were introduced to what the center expectations are. During center times, children will be introduced to a variety of activities that they will rotate through. Once at a center children are learning to work independently. All activities are explained and demonstrated prior to the children using them. At this time they also have an opportunity to ask questions. The purpose of the center based activities are two fold. It not only provides children with a variety of hands on, multi-sensory ways to learn, but it also allows Morah Miriam and me to have small group led sessions. The children are also learning that while we are working with other children they need to work through solving their problem, ask friend for help, or move on to the next part of the activity. 
Reading Centers consisted of…
*  stamp and spell – where children used stamps to spell words thy know. If they are not yet writers they were able to use the Word Wall words to stamp out. 
*  roll and write – the table was provided with letter cards, play-doh, and block paper. Children were asked to choose a letter, make it out of play-doh, and then write their letter using the block paper. If letter formation has already been mastered they were able to use this activity with sight words. While some children were engaged in the reading centers Morah Beth was able to meet with each child individually. Assessments were completed and children will soon be placed in their reading groups. 
Math Centers consisted of…
* creating a sculpture using only 25 unit blocks
* using pattern blocks to replicate illustration or create an original 
* leggos – where children had free exploration and creation. 
Children are reminded that once they are in their center they are to work independently or in their small group. If they have a question they need to attempt to solve it on their own, then ask a friend for help, and then if necessary, raise their hand until a teacher is able to assist them. 
Social Studies: Our Social Studies unit for the beginning of the year is called “All About Me”. Children will learn about themselves as well as others while similarities and differences are examined and discussed. This week we began by reading a book called, What I Like About Me. After hearing the story each child had the opportunity to share something they really like about themselves. We also took some time to observe our similarities and differences. MARK YOUR CALENDARS because this is all in preparation for our HaShem Sheli Program on Friday November 3, 2017! (9:15 in the Youth Lounge) More information will follow. 
Science: While we are not beginning our science unit for a bit, we did receive our new class members… We are now the proud owners of a frog, Peter Pan, and two ant farms! We will be observing and documenting their behaviors as the weeks pass. We talked a bit about the life cycle of an ant. There are 4 stages; eggs, larva, pupa, and ant. We know that ants have six legs and make their homes underground. We are anxiously waiting to see our classroom ant tunnels!
Writer’s Workshop: While we have not actually begun to write our books, we learned about some important parts of a book. As the year goes on each child will become an author. Their books will include a front and back cover, a spine, a dedication page and a barcode
Judaic/Hebrew :
This week’s Parsha, Ki Teitze, Deut. 21:10 – 25:19 has many mitzvot — 74.  We concentrated on 5 of them this week: a boss must pay workers promptly; always use fair and honest weights; be kind to animals — if you have to take baby chicks, wait till the mother bird is gone; always make great efforts to return lost objects; remember Amalek and behave especially nicely towards the sick, the elderly and the disabled.  We played a scavenger hunt game to experience and practice the return of lost objects (water bottles, of course!). 
We also read books: Make Way for Ducklings, Found,  Madeline to the Rescue, and Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch.   We watched the godcast for this parsha.  The children are getting used to participating in and leading Tefillah in class.  We especially enjoyed discussing — and voting on — which bracha, or no bracha, to recite for a total eclipse (see link, below the RA Tshuva on this subject; and we are now ready for the next eclipse, 2024!)! 
Vocabulary: summertime!
bathing suit    בֶּגֶד יָם
waves   גַּל
surfboard   גַּלְשָׁן
sand   חוֹל
sunscreen קְרֶם הגנה
We hope you will take an opportunity to discuss and ask questions about what we did in class this week. 
Thank you, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and Shabbat Shalom!!!!
Morah Beth and Morah Miriam

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