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18 Jun


It is hard to believe that this will be the last Keshet blog (for this year). The children have, worked so hard, grown so much, and are so ready to move on.

The past few days have been filled with yearbook signing, summer birthday celebrations, the completion of books and units, whole school tefillot, and graduation. The summer excitement is certainly in full swing!

At today’s Tefillah, each grade was promoted into the seats  where they will sit in the fall. The 1st graders sat as incoming second graders with the rest of the Babaganoush class. The 3rd grade joined their soon to be Ilanot class, the 5th grade moved across the isle to where their sixth grade seats are and the 7th grade took on the huge responsibility of leading the whole school Tefillah. We of course can not forget about the soon to be first graders who led HoDu in Hallel. Watching them sing and dance around the chapel was truly a sight.  Even with the 6th grade on their New York trip and the 8th grade graduated, the chapel was filled with strong voices and a ruach that made the teachers proud!

It was also lovely for the children to watch Dr. Waynik called to the Torah for an aliyah. She continues to give her all to her faculty, children, their families and the community.

One of the 1st graders said to me today, ” I think I may cry tomorrow. I’m excited but I’m also sad.” I told him not to worry, because I feel the same way and I promised that I would cry right along with him 🙂

The Keshet class wishes everyone a wonderful summer and we look foreword to seeing everyone in the fall!



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