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28 Aug

Summer is over and we are back!!!! The past two days have been  filled with introductions, getting to know yous, building tours, and classroom/school expectations. The Keshet children have adapted so beautifully to their new roles and we are all eager to get the ball rolling.

So far the children have been introduced to their classroom. as well as how centers and the library will work. They have seen  the books they will be working from and are VERY eager to use them!

Each morning we have a joint circle where we sing songs, review the days of the week, months of the year, date, and our colors…all in Hebrew and English!

Before each snack we say the appropriate bracha for the food we are eating. HA-MO-TZI LE-CHEM MIN HA-A-RETZ for breads, BO-RAI PRI HA-GA-FEN, for grape juice, BO-RAI PRI HA-A-DA-MAH, for foods from the ground, BO-RAI PRI HA-AITZ, for foods from a tree, and BO-RAI MI-NAI ME-ZO-NOT for different types of food.

We have also begun talking about Rosh Hashanah. A story about old things and new things was read, in English, and translated into Hebrew. We then created a list of some of the old and new things we have. Some of the new things included, school, friends, clothes, shoes, etc…

All in all we have had a fantastic two days and look forward to the year ahead.


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