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Life is rarely dull for Ezra Academy students.

After spending a period in science class dissecting sheep hearts or studying the structure of the human eye, students may find themselves at the New Haven Symphony for a music field-trip, or presenting their d’var Torahs to each other in the Judaics classroom. Even after the day is over, students can be found practicing on the soccer field or participating in a nail-biting round of chess at their Beyond the Bell after-school program’s Chess Club.

Ezra Academy is a place where children can let their guards down and learn in an open, fun, and supportive environment that inspires students to fully delve into their classes. “I like how welcoming and accepting all the other students and teachers are,” said Sophia, grade 8. “The community is one of my favorite things about going to Ezra.” Students feel secure in their classrooms with teachers dedicated to supporting their needs, according to Aaron, a 6th grader; “Teachers here help us learn and solve problems in ways that are comfortable to us.”

Many students participate in extra-curricular sports programs, learning team dynamics and how to cooperate with other players. The teams are coached by parent volunteers, and play against other local private schools periodically. “I like feeling the team’s support, and how we’re all nice to each other,” says Ben, grade 6. “And it’s fun getting to know the coaches and other players.”

Ezra Academy’s Beyond the Bell after-school program also offers an array of enriching classes, such as yoga, web design, and robotics, among others. Last year, students in the graphic design course were taught to use software to create digital collages and post them on the internet. “We take vast amounts of photos and put them together in a collage with Photoshop,” says Aaron. “We also learned how to post them on the internet, so people can buy them if they want.”