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18 Nov



Tuesday night at Teva, students were able to choose different “chuggim” (activities) and they all had a great time. Two students (Maximus and Elijah) went outside for cold and dark Night games – which is why there aren’t pictures of them from that activity – cold and dark!!! Others did eco-cooking, arts-a-palooza and cordage. There are photos of these activities!

Wednesday morning began with hot chocolate followed by tefillah. Three of our students helped lead from Barchu through Aleinu. Great job! During tefillah we had our annual surprise visitor! Dr. Waynik arrived in time to see our students help lead. Following tefillah it was time for breakfast which was challah french toast and not surprisingly, one of the favorite meals so far.

We spent the day on the trails. Some went to the Overlook, others built shelter, and others learned survival skills including building fire. Students were surprised about how much they learned and how much they enjoyed the hikes up and down mountains. After five hours on the trails we all welcomed a rest time. Students are enjoying time spent in our cabin – Great Blue Heron. They brought fun card games and are bonding together as a class. Football and frisbee have also been popular relaxing time activities. It’s been wonderful to see the kids negotiate, take turns and welcome each other into the games.

The afternoon ended with small group learning groups. One person chose fire making, three chose yoga, three chose cheese making and one chose the Topsy Turvy bus. Each of the activities included a text study and a connection to nature.

Resource Revolution and Eco-shopping will be the third to last thing for our Wednesday evening…. The second to last thing is packing up to get all our stuff into the Oolam at 7:15 in the morning. The last thing will be talking and laughing until lights out time!





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