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30 May

Today marks the beginning of Shavuot, and as many of you know, this is the celebration of when the Jews received the Torah on Mount Sinai. 

Children in the lower school have been learning about Shavuot for a few weeks now and what better way to end the curriculum unit than with a CELEBRATION!!!! 
We began the morning by meeting in the gym, and splitting up the Keshet, Babaganoush, and Ilanot classes into 6 groups. The eldest of the Ilanot students were given the opportunity and responsibility of assisting and guiding the younger students through the morning. Each group then dispersed into a variety of activities. Baking with Bubby (Morah Beth’s mom) to make blintzes, Shavuot Bingo with Morah Marcy, Building a Kotel using block like magic noodles with Morah Gail, making a mosaic Torah with Morah Val and Mrs. Berg, climbing Mount Sinai (the rock wall with Morah Cathy), and Shavuot stories and role play with Morah Miriam. 
Through these activities the children were able to review and discuss what they have learned about this important holiday.
The morning ended with a mini feast, at lunch, on the yummy blintzes that had been made by each group. 

 חג השבועות שמח

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