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  • Middle School

    All of our middle school science classes take place in our science lab and are instructed by our science specialist. Students focus on building a repertoire of science concepts and knowledge, and additionally, on building a science vocabulary, laboratory skills, methodologies for science experimentation, and the ability to write a cohesive and thorough lab report. Sixth grade science incorporates the study of chemistry, in which the chemical and physical properties of matter are explored. Additionally, the ecology and biology of ecosystems on weather is studied. The ecology and ecosystems of Connecticut serve as a case study for this unit, particularly the impact of water on this region.

    Seventh grade studies the biology of body systems and the human anatomy. In physics, they are exposed to concepts of energy, force, and work. In earth science, they are introduced to the constructive and destructive forces that shape the earth. In technology classes, they explore food production and conservation.

    The eighth grade studies the chemistry of chemical and physical properties of matter. In physics, they focus on motion, forces, and centripetal force. Planetary science introduces the concepts of gravitational forces on the earth and on celestial bodies. The technology unit revolves around the construction of bridges.

  • Lower School

    The lower school science curriculum is integrated into thematic units over a two-year cycle. These units incorporate elements of literature, writing, social studies, math, Hebrew, and Judaic studies.

    The K/1 multi-age class studies lifecycles, observing firsthand the growth and development of tadpoles, butterflies, and ladybugs in their classroom. They also study ocean life, the solar system, and the human body.

    The 2/3 multi-age class studies habitats and adaption, rocks and minerals, and sight and sound. They also use the Engineering is Elementary curriculum, which allows for experiences with applied science and math, and introduces children to the engineering process of discovery, design, and redesign.

    The 4/5 multi-age class studies magnetism, electricity, and simple machines. Additionally, they are exposed to the physics of light and sound, the biology of the brain and senses, planetary science of moon phases and the earth’s rotation, and technology and engineering of light optics. All of these topics are presented in the science lab and instructed by our science specialist. Hands-on activities are paramount to students experiencing both the concrete and abstract aspects of these ideas.