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17 Nov

Every year eighth grade students have to do 40 hours of community service to raise money for their class trip to Israel. This program is called Kids At Work!  I am about halfway finished with my hours and I am doing many things to get them all done.  Every hour we work $10 gets donated to the 8th Grade in Israel program.

To fulfill my 40 hours, I have worked this semester for the Ezra after-school program, Beyond the Bell (BTB). Specifically I use my hours to assist the art class on Thursdays. During art classes we have created some fun projects such as origami, under-the-sea mobiles and contrast shading.  I love working with the younger Ezra students especially students in K/1.

In addition to helping with BTB, I am babysitting, tutoring, knitting scarfs, and taking family photos. My biggest passion is photography! To fulfill my Kids at Work hours for 8th Grade, I am creating a photo business. I am doing 1 hour sessions and digital pictures for $20. I’ve featured many of my photos in this blog.

My other fundraising effort is to knit scarfs. I make beautiful arm knit scarfs that are great for the chilly weather. The scarves are $20, but the buyer supplies the yarn. They are a wonderful gift!

Please support our Israel Trip! If you have any questions and or are interested, email me at jennahennahead@gmail.com.

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