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Our School – Our Story

Ezra Academy strives to create a school based on academic excellence in a challenging yet nurturing academic environment that recognizes each student’s talents and acknowledges their individual learning styles. We use an integrated curriculum, in which Judaic and general studies are taught as one, in thematic based, spiral curricular units, in which students discover the interrelationships between and within subject areas and continually build on what they have already learned. All of this takes place within a learning community that includes students, teachers and parents alike.

Ezra Academy is committed to an educational philosophy that is child-centered and respects diversity; respects the potential of each individual, respects opposing points of view, and respects the quest for learning. We believe that education must include the emotional, artistic and creative aspects of child development . We engage in cooperative learning, multiage approaches, experiential learning, and a social curriculum that all contribute to our students becoming capable, adaptable learners. We endeavor to immerse our students in critical, socially engaged learning relevant to the postmodern, global age in which they live.