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19 Feb

Keshet in Hebrew means RAINBOW, so it seems fitting that each child in the Keshet class is bright, colorful, and a unique beauty. As teachers we try to incorporate this theme into our curriculum regularly and one very useful technique we have, has been our behavior management chart. There are 6 colors on the chart and each child has his/her name on a clip.

Every child begins each day on GREEN. This color indicates that they are “READY TO LEARN“. If a child remains on this color they have done a great job throughout the day. Showing that they understand the classroom expectations, work well, and treat others respectfully. 
If a child is struggling with these expectations they may be “clipped down” to YELLOW. This indicates that they need to “STOP AND THINK” about their choices. 
If the child continues to struggle after they have been clipped to yellow they may be clipped down to ORANGE. If this occurs it means there will be a “TEACHER’S CHOICE” Depending on the action a teacher will provide an appropriate consequence. 
The next color on our chart, is reserved for serious behaviors. If a child is dangerous or destructive they may be clipped down to RED. This is extremely rare, however, if it does occur this is when there would be “PARENT CONTACT
We have now talked about the “clipping down” process so it’s time to talk about a much more popular process in our classroom, “clipping up”!
As I mentioned earlier, every child begins their day on GREEN, regardless of where they left off the day before.
When a child is continuing to show they are working diligently, following directions, and maintaining the classroom expectations with little or no reminders they will “clip up” to BLUE. This is shows their classmates and others that come into the classroom that they are doing GREAT WORK
Many children throughout the week clip up, however, it is not as common to be clipped up to purple. PURPLE indicates that a child has gone above and beyond the expectations of the teacher. Listening well, being a motivated worker, being a helpful student and friend to others, on a consistent basis, all without being asked or reminded. Purple simply means that their behavior is AMAZING!!! I am so proud to say that this past week we have had MANY children not only clip up….but clip up to PURPLE!!!! It truly has been an outstanding week and the children not only worked hard to reach their goal of purple but also maintained the expectation and were able to stay on it! It is with great pride I am able to wish the Keshet class a Mazel Tov on such a wonderfully, productive, motivated, and kind week.  
These are the colors of our RAINBOW and how they work for us. We have been quite pleased with the success of this plan and look forward to many more beautifully colored days!
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