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08 Dec

On The Road to My Academic Future!

Since I am in eighth grade, my friends and I are on the hunt for high schools to go to for the next four academic years.  My mother and I have been researching many different schools near and far. One school that really piqued my interested is called The American Hebrew Academy (AHA).

I heard about AHA a couple years ago when a woman from the school came to my summer camp, Camp Laurelwood, to talk to us about possibly going there.  And each summer since then, she has come back to recruit candidates.

The American Hebrew Academy is an International Jewish Private College Prep Boarding School in Greensboro, North Carolina.  It is the only Jewish private boarding school in the United States.  Last month, the school hosted a prospective student weekend for students who were interested in applying to the school.

My mom and I could not fly to North Carolina, so we had a mother-daughter road trip!  I wanted to attend the student weekend to get a feel for a place that may be my future home.

I had high expectations of AHA before the trip, but the school surpassed all of those expectations.  I was able to meet other students who currently go to AHA, including Stella, a current freshman. Stella showed me around the campus. We also celebrated Shabbat together.

I met people from around the world, sat in on courses, and stayed in a dorm with other prospective students.  Overall, the trip went very well. I will be submitting my application soon. I should hear back from the AHA admission department by the end of January.  Since there is a possibility that I may not get accepted, I have been researching excellent performing arts high schools as a second option.

For more information about American Hebrew High School click here:http://www.americanhebrewacademy.org

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