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14 Apr


By Jordan, 1st grade

I like school because there are fun things in math and I really like learning Hebrew and I really like being with Raz and Ofir, the emissaries from Israel.

This week we stayed home because I was sick and there was a snow day. When we got back to school Morah Beth had us write all about our snow day on Tuesday.   I wrote about how I went downstairs and watched TV and then Samantha’s friend came over and we watched two movies – one was scary and one I liked – and then we went sledding and then came inside.

Because it was very snowy and cold, we had indoor recess. I played checkers with Asher and I drew a picture of a shiny pot of gold with yellow lines all over it.

This week Mrs. Ravski taught us division. It was hard to learn, but now we know division really well. All of us in math really want to have a play day. That means we can play whatever we want like monopoly or cards or we can just learn.

On Thursday we made cinnamon and apple sauce with Morah Beth (she taught us) and Raz and Ofir. I made a really cool volcano and I made golden blue spikes around it to decorate it.

At the Beyond the Bell after school program we had Fairy Tales with Kristianna and it was really fun.   Kristianna and Maya called us up because we were listening very well and I acted like a football in a pretend store.

We had a class meeting with Dr. Waynik and we learned about being nice to everybody.

My favorite part of the week was learning division with Mrs. Ravski.

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