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Ezra Academy is governed by a Board of Directors. The Ezra Academy Board of Directors is responsible for strategic planning and oversight relating to financial management, fundraising, facilities planning, institutional policies. The Board will make decisions and take actions it believes necessary and appropriate to ensure the school’s fulfillment of its mission today and for generations to come. Directors serve as ambassadors of good will to ensure the continuity of the school’s success.

The Board of Directors is strategic in nature. Much of its work is committee based. Some of the standing committees include Finance, Development, and Marketing. The board also forms subcommittees and task forces as needed.

Executive Committee                      

Leslie Zackin

Vice Presidents 
Betsy Flaherty
Rachel Gerber

Eric Green

Recording Secretary
Julie Katz

Past President 
Evan Wyner

Presidential Appointees

Board Members
David Dobin
Jody Ellant
Stephanie Green
Lauren Hass
Roy Herbst
Stuart Katz
Shelley Kreiger
Robin Kroopnick
Alan Reznik
Judy Skolnick

Honorary Members
Judy Cooper
Steve Fraade