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06 Feb

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The Keshet class has been learning so much about how to communicate with others, the “I Feel” sentence, how to appropriately express their emotions, giving and receiving compliments, and much more! All of these sills are taught through the Open Circle Program. There is a separate time set aside weekly for this program. Sometimes role play is used, sometimes drawing, and sometimes group conversation. The goal of the program is to teach children to recognize how they want to be treated, and how to treat others in the most appropriate and kindest manner.

Before the children left for winter break they were each provided with a “Kindness Calendar”.  A simple act of kindness was written on each day and the children were asked to fulfill as many of these acts as possible.  Armed with the foundation of skills the Open Circle program has provided, and a “Kindness Calendar” they went on their way to make others happy!

February 1st the calendars came rolling back to class with lots of check marks and examples of what they had done. We are so proud of the children and their families for making the time to think of others and share their love and kindness!

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