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02 Jun

On May 31st, after a long weekend, the Ezra community, once again came together in spectacular fashion. From the moment my aunt was diagnosed with AML, the entire Ezra community offered their love and support to my family. Rabbi Amanda Brodie made the suggestion of holding a blood drive in her honor and Dr. Melanie Waynik jumped on board without a single second of hesitation. Teachers took away time from their designated curriculum to educate the children about the mitzvah and importance of blood donations. One of our very own, Roy Herbst took time out of his busy day to speak to the entire school about the process and importance of blood donation. Time was made to involve the children in an appropriate manner, whether it be baking or thank you cards. Staff members volunteered their time to register people, stand with them while they donated, and make sure they had tasty treats after their donation. Substitute teachers gave of themselves and volunteered their day to be in the classroom for those teachers who were donating.

As if that wasn’t enough, then the Ezra community stepped in. Parents, siblings, alumni, board members, and more showed up. Some of whom waited very long periods of time, but refused to leave without donating! Some people came knowing that they probably would not be able to donate but on the off-chance they could, they wanted to try. For a few this was a first time donation and they shared their anxiety about doing so….but they did it…for my family!
In addition to the adult support I have been receiving, then the children stepped in. As they walked by the donation room they were asking “how is it going”? When it was over one child came running down the hallway asking if we did well and when I told her yes she began jumping up and down with excitement!
There were so many people involved in this process and those who were unable to donate they showed their support in such a variety of other ways. This outpouring of support has reminded me what this community is all about, and why I am so honored and blessed to be a part of it. Every single person not only rises to the occasion but also goes so far above and beyond anything I could ever hope for.
A thank you is not nearly enough for me to give after everything this community has given me, but it is all I have. From the bottom of my heart, with every fiber of my being, THANK YOU!
Morah Beth
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