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23 Feb

This week in Ms. Edwards 6th grade math class, the students are working on a unique kind of project. The students must think of a type of store that they want to open. They also need to decide what state they want their store to be located in. Then the students will do research on what the sales tax is in that state and pick an inventory of ten items that relate to the theme of their store. This ties into the mathematic unit of proportions, percentages, and ratios. Of the ten items being sold at each store, five must be discounted and five must be marked up. This gives the students an idea of how to run a successful business by maximizing profits.


In class today On Feb. 20, the 6th graders were busy decorating the signs for their business. They used big sheets of construction paper, complimented by bright colored markers, glitter, and stickers. Some of the stores even had their own logo.  The work environment is very free flowing and everybody was critiquing each other’s work and had no hesitation to ask Ms. Edwards or a fellow classmate for any help. The students created stores that sold comic books, sporting goods, fishing items, clothing, and more.


On the final day of the project the students will go around and shop at each other’s store. This is where their hard work will be put to the test. This will replicate a real life business scenario where transactions are made. To tie in all of their lessons they will  have to factor in the sales tax of the state that they selected.

Bill Gates would be proud of our future entrepreneurs!

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