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15 May

Friday was a very emotional day. We began our day with tefillah at Yad Vashem where Eve and Zara and Sydney found the trees that were planted in honor of the righteous gentile that they researched and wrote about. After our intense tour at the museum, we went out to a tasty lunch at a shopping center. Then we got back to the hotel to shower and get ready for Shabbat. We celebrated Shabbat by lighting candles and bringing in the light of Shabbat. We had Kabbalat Shabbat on a rooftop overlooking the old city of Jerusalem. It was a wonderful night.

Saturday was Zara’s birthday, so at midnight, all the girls ran in and wished her a happy birthday! The next morning was Shabbat, so we visited a couple different shuls. It was very interesting seeing all the different aspects and different sects of Judaism, and how they celebrate Shabbat. It was a very hot day so we went swimming! We ate delicious homemade cookies that Morah Amalya’s sister brought! After we came back, we were all very tired and rested for a bit before dinner. After dinner, we went to a fantastic light show that showed the history of Jerusalem! It was spectacular! *After a long day, we all jumped in our beds and went to sleep.

Sunday was a hot one! The temperature reached up to about 104 degrees. Morah Amalya made everyone put sunscreen on, made us wear our hats and made sure we drink A LOT of water (some of us were buying soda, but she took it away until the evening…)


. In the morning we prayed in a garden, which was very nice. Then we went to Yad Lakashish. Yad Lakashish is a center that gives a job to elders, to keep them busy. It was amazing to see all the amazing and beautiful things they made! They made pottery, metal work, art pieces, stuffed animals, crochet, and much more. It was very incredible! Then we went digging at an archaeological sight. We dug in caves, and found some pottery and different finds. Then we went crawling in a cave, where we had to rely on each other and help one another because it was very dark. Then we had lunch, and some refreshing ice cream! We then traveled to an armored soldier museum, where we got to see different tanks, and see different memorial exhibits. Then we came back, and got ready for the mall! We went to the mall, so some people could see their families. We had dinner and bought a few things. We were very tired, so we headed home to pack because we are leaving Jerusalem tomorrow. **Finally, we got in bed and had a nice sleep.



*They might of jumped out of bed, not in bed…..

**I still hear them J



  • Ravit Avni-Singer May 16, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    I am still amazed at how much you are managing to squeeze in every day! Having a little “Shabbat” must have been important to stop running around quite as much and get to feel all of what is happening to all of you on this journey.
    Savta Sara left us a message after your meeting yesterday, sounds like you had a nice visit. She loves you so much!
    We are eager to read the next installment of the adventures of the Small but Mighty Ezra class of 2016.

  • Steven Bernstein May 16, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    Zara et al.,

    This looks like a wonderful day, filled with joy, sadness, remembrance, and discovery.

    Zara–you might know that Nana was also saved by a righteous gentile–a Christian farmer who hid her and her mother on their farm in the countryside outside Paris, during WW2. HIs actions enabled Nana to survive, and make her way to the US after the war.

    I hope you had a great birthday! It sounds like you and your friends had a good time.

    Also, Saturday was cousin Casey’s bat mitzvah. It was nice. Grandpa Bumi, MomMom, Aunt Leslie, Uncle Howard and Madeline were there, and many Seltzers and Grosses too. Lots of laughs and kidding around. I don’t think Maddie knows her Haftarah yet…

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!

    Mom and Dad

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