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29 Sep

IMG_3138On Friday, September 5, the eighth grade class, Morah Marci, Dr. Waynik, Raz, Ofir and I went to the Hopkins Challenge Course. The reason why the eighth grade goes to the challenge course every year is because even though our class is already very close, we still had to work on very important skills: Coping with each other when we can’t figure something out, communication, listening to one another in group activities, helping each other work through things we would rather not do or are afraid to do, and teamwork.

When we first arrived at the challenge course, we met some of the staff, Shelly and Mike. They brought us up to the field on main campus where we played some games. Afterwards, they told us to get in partners according to the person we are the closest to. Once we were with our partners they told us to stand across from each other in lines and the people who we were standing in a line with were our groups! My group was with Shelly, Dr. Waynik, and Raz.

Once we split up, my group went to whats called “ships crossing.”  It is a wooden platform that we had to balance out with our weight. Also, we had to get people on and off of the platform with neither side touching the ground. We did many activities including high ropes and low ropes. Throughout the day, we began to communicate better with one another according to what we had learned in previous activities. After each activity, we discussed what we could do better if we were to do it again, and what we could do to have a successful outcome while we were climbing the rope or trying to walk across one. From this experience our class has definitely become more respectful towards one another and we have perfected our communication skills, listening skills, and we have made our friendship stronger by bonding.


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