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07 Nov

This past Friday marked a very special day for the Keshestudents! HaShem Sheli. 

This is a program we have every other year. It takes time to celebrate each child. After a few weeks of studying themselves, similarities and differences they share with others, self observation leading to self portraits, and learning about the meaning of their names, they then presented! Mixed amongst  songs that talk about names, and feelings, and possibly some parent (or teacher tears) each child with their parents, presented the meaning of their name and why their name, who they were named after, and why their name was chosen for them. 
It was truly wonderful for us to welcome all the parents and hear about who the children are named after and the characteristics that their parents hope for them to acquire. 
It was a beautiful morning, but not just because of the children and their parents.Thank you Mr S. for the musical accompaniment, Morah Betty for the amazing slide show, Morah Amalya for the programs and for helping our last minute speaker issues, and of course our amazing Alvaro for the set-up and break down of the room!

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