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12 Feb

Last Friday we had a spectacular day planned. It was Wear Red Day, for women’s heart health. We were all getting our red outfits ready and tzedekah for the American Heart Association. We talked about the things that keep our hearts healthy. Exercise, playing sports, healthy foods, and even some things we don’t love to do like check-ups at the doctor, getting shots.

I asked the if they feel good when others complement them or say nice things to them. They all quickly answered yes. I then asked them if they thought that those compliments and the fact that they feel good helps their hearts stay healthy. They thought for a moment , but realized that it was another way to keep their hearts healthy. They were then told that on Friday, February 5th we would not only be supporting the American Heart Association, but also celebrating a Happy Heart Day! We would be doing things throughout the day that will “fill each other’s buckets” and make our hearts feel happy and loved! One of those things was writing something nice about each person in the class. At the end of the day everyone would have an envelope filled with compliments to make their hears feel good.

…and then it snowed and we were not in school 🙁

Thankfully today we were able to celebrate heart health, wear red and have a Happy Heart Day!

We wish all of you a happy, healthy, heart day as well!

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