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30 Sep

img_3472 img_3471 img_3470 img_3469 img_3468 img_3467 img_3466 img_3465 img_3463 img_3462 img_3459 img_3458 img_3456 img_3453 img_3452 img_3448 img_3446 img_3444 img_3442 img_3440 img_3437 img_3436 img_3434 img_3433 img_3432 img_3431 img_3429 img_3428 As we close out our 5th week of school The Keshet class presented their Ha Mishpacha Sheli program, to a room full of parents, grandparents and siblings. This special event takes place every other year and it allows children to celebrate their families with the community.

Families were welcomed with the song Brachium Habaim, as children walked down the isle of the chapel and took their seats. Morah Miriam taught the children the connection that Ha Mishpacha Sheli has to the Torah. First, we are taught to “respect our elders”, second, to “honor thy father and mother”, and third is “Shalom Ba-it”, peace in the home. These connections were sung about with the songs  Kibud A’ Va’eme and Hiney Ma Tov.
In class we discussed the many different types of families, and that not all families look like a mom, dad, brother and sister. In our own classroom we have only children, two children, three children and four! Some of us have only brothers, some sisters, and some both. Some of our families even include pets like dogs and cats while others have fish and a tortoise. The song “Mishpacha” shared the Hebrew names for those in our families and the audience participated with as much reach as the children. The children also recited a poem by Skipp West, called ” A Family is a Family” that talked about the different ways families can look.
In-between all of the songs and poetry each child had the opportunity to share a favorite family memory with everyone. Their voices were strong and proud as they spoke of their families and showed their illustrations.
Families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors but the one thing they all have in common is LOVE! The Keshet class is also seen as a family. We have created a bond that can not be matched and the love that we have for each other was clearly demonstrated at today’s performance.
Mazel Tov to all of the children and their families on this wonderfully, special event!!!
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