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02 Mar

The Sixth Grade Greek Mythology Unit ended with a flourish. After an in-class essay on tragic flaw, a culmination to the unit, was an art project where students created Picasso-like images of various gods and demi-gods. Each student had to create an image that included one characteristic that was prominent enough that if you knew Greek myths, you would recognize the character.

Please come and check out the board outside room 6. Feel free to challenge yourself! Were the sixth graders successful? Do you recognize any of the mythical characters from their images? If you can match the names of the characters with the images, you can drop off your answers to room 6 and you will get your answers checked!

Our mythology unit is a clear favorite for our students. They love learning about the antics of the Greek gods, their tragic flaws, and the ironies within each story. Measure for measure was also a theme we discussed a length. We discovered that many of the myths were created as etiologies, explaining the origins of different places or objects. Our discussions of the merit of each character, and whether or not their fate was justified, were very lively.

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