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23 Oct

Friendships in Ilanot

By: Michael

In class today we started writing plays about problems between friends. We all were split up into groups. Most of us haven’t worked together before. A lot of the 5th graders are mixed with the 4th grade. Each group member has different strengths. For example, there is a scribe in each group. There is a creative director in each group.  We will turn them into puppet plays. Look out for puppets coming to the theater in the near future!

Last week, our class had an open circle meeting. We discussed issues that we were having with our classmates. We talked about problems we were having with recess and in class. The game of Foursquare was a big problem. A lot of us were arguing about the rules of the game and who can play and who can’t. It was decided that we would take a break from Foursquare for two weeks and that we would research the rules of the game. It was also suggested that we would try to play with a new kid every week so that we would get to know each other better.

Even before this discussion, we learned a Hebrew phrase, “v’ahavta l’reacha kamocha”. It means, “ You should love your neighbor as yourself. In class, we discussed what this phrase means. We watched a video about two friends who are wrestlers. Their  names are Dartanyon and Leroy. Leroy lost his legs when he was 11 years old. Dartanyon is legally blind. The video was about how they stand up for each other and support each other. This story is inspiring to our class because it shows us that even though we all have different strengths, we can work, play, and help each other.   


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