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17 Nov

The Keshet Experience – Week 12 »

What a fun way to begin the week…. moral Miriam played a fabulous song, with great energy,  that Dar and Sophie M. were able to help teach us.

10 Nov

The Keshet Experience – Week 11 »

Morning Meeting:  
Caleb is our Calendar helper this week, and in true Keshet fashion he led the meeting with complete understanding and poise! Way too go Caleb!!!!

07 Nov

HaShem Sheli »

This past Friday marked a very special day for the Keshet students! HaShem Sheli. 
This is a program we have every other year. It takes time to celebrate each child.

03 Nov

The Keshet experience – week 10 »

It has been a wonderful week with some pretty special events!
We began our Monday Morning with a special visit from Mike Blathchley, the father of a bab

27 Oct

The Keshet Experience – Week 9 »

Morning Meeting:  
Morning meeting was led by Jacob…by himself!  Jake clearly knows the routine and was able to lead the class t

20 Oct

The Keshet Experience – Week 8 »

This was a busy exciting week for me.

11 Oct

The Keshet Experience – Week 7 »

From one short week to another!!!! Fear not parents…. this is the last of them for a while.

04 Oct

The Keshet Experience – Week 6 »

While it’s been a short week we have certainly packed lots of learning in! From Spelling and Math to Parsha Role Play, HaShem Sheli rehearsals and Sukkah Decorations

28 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 5 »

We hope everyone had a wonderful, sweet Rosh Hashanah! We were all so happy to be back together again after such a long break! We are pleased to say that the children quickly re

18 Sep

The Keshet Experience – שנה טובה ומתוקה »

Seeing as how we only have one day of school this week we decided to make it a very special day… filled with Rosh Hashanah crafts, snacks, and fun!!!!
We began our day w

15 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 3 »

What an exciting week!!!! Tuesday we went on a field trip to Hickory Hill Orchards. Babaganoush and our Young Israeli emissaries, Talya and Rotem, joined us for the morning.

08 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 2 »

We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.

01 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 1 »


What a wonderful first week it has been. Your children have been developing new friendships as well as maintaining the old ones.

12 Jun

The Keshet Experience – Week 39 »

Well, we are getting down to the wire! only one week left before your children will be celebrating their year of hard work and summer vacation!!!! While ‘Summer Fever&#8221

30 May

Shavuot at Ezra »

Today marks the beginning of Shavuot, and as many of you know, this is the celebration of when the Jews received the Torah on Mount Sinai.

26 May

The Keshet Experience – Week 37 »

We absolutely MUST begin with congratulating Michal and Matthew, of the Keshet class on their winning1st and 2nd place at this year’s Talent Show!!!! Matthew took 2nd place with his da

19 May

The Keshet Experience – Week 36 »

We began the week without Morah Miriam… and while we missed her terribly we were lucky enough to have Morah Shira join us.

12 May

The Keshet Experience – week 35 »

Dear Parents, 
We began our week in the BEST possible way!!!!!! Welcoming back the 8th graders from their 2 week Israel trip!!!! The school was definitely quieter without th

07 May

Israel Trip 2017- Day 12 »

Day 12: Children’s Museum, Naḥalat Binyamin, Shuk HaCarmel, Tour of Yafo, Shabbat
On Friday we woke up at 6:30 a.m. and had tefillah at 7:00.

05 May

The Keshet Experience – Week 34 »

Well, we did it!!!! Screen Free Week was a success.

05 May

Israel Trip- Day 10 »

Today we had a very relaxed, yet exciting day.  We started off with an early teffilah where Ethan and Eviatar read Torah.

05 May

Israel Trip 2017- Day 9 »

Today was definitely eventful! We started off our wonderful day with a visit at Nahalal, the first moshav.

02 May

02 May

Israel Trip 2017- Day 7 »


Day Seven: Tz’fat, Golan Heights, Resting, and Yom Ha’atzmaut
To begin the day, the Ezra ­­Academy–KBA group woke up at 6:15 a.m.

30 Apr

Israel Trip 2017- Day 6 »

Hi all.
We began our day with Tefillah in Jerusalem followed by a trip to Yad Lekashish, a Lifeline for the Elderly.

29 Apr

Israel Trip 2017- Day 5 »

Hey guys!!
Shabbat was a blast in Jerusalem! Yesterday morning we woke up at 6:15 and headed to the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem.

28 Apr

The Keshet Experience – Week 33 »

We began the week with a very somber mood. We spoke with the children, in an age appropriate manner, about Yom Hashoah.

27 Apr

Israel Trip 2017- Day Four »

“The Nightly Blob” 4/27/17
Today we woke up at 6:10 and got ready for the day. This was the first time we entered the old city of Jerusalem, through the Zion Gate.

26 Apr

Israel trip 2017 – Day 3 »

Day 3: Bedouins (cont’d), Masada, Dead Sea, Jerusalem
To start the day, we awoke in the Bedouin tents from last night.

26 Apr

Israel trip 2017 – Day 2 »

Day 2: Ein Avdat, Ben-Gurion’s Hut, the Salad Trail, Rockets to Roses, and Staying with Bedouins
We started our day at 6:15 a.m.

24 Apr

Israel trip 2017 -Day 1 »

Hey guys!!
Approximately 32 hours ago we met in the Ezra gym. We have not slept since then. After a festive goodbye, we boarded the bus and headed cheerfully off to Newark, New Jersey.

21 Apr

The Keshet Experience – Week 32 »

We are back from a lovely Pesach.

07 Apr

The Keshet Experience – Week 31 »

Our week began with another amazing tutoring session with the 5th grade students.

31 Mar

The Keshet Experience – week 30 »

Our favorite time of year at Ezra has come. Peach tutoring time.

24 Mar

The Keshet Experience – Week 29 »

Secular Studies:

Another busy week at Ezra! Hopefully everyone had the chance to read about our most recent Open Circle review regarding teasing.

17 Mar

The Keshet Experience – Week 28 »

It has been a short but eventful week…We began with an exciting and HAPPY Purim celebration.

13 Mar

The Keshet experience – Week 27 »

What a wonderful week! We had Gilah Benson-Tilson come to class to teach us about this week’s parsha and the Urim V’tumim.

07 Mar

Ancient Egypt »

While learning about the Nile river, Egyptian inventions, and agriculture students in fourth and fifth grade used their Teva Tuesday time to build a shaduf.

03 Mar

The Keshet Experience – week 27 »


Open Circle focused on appropriate ways to show our affection towards each other.

24 Feb

The Keshet Experience – Week 25 »

Secular Studies: 
Social Studies, began with a lesson about President’s Day and George Washington.

17 Feb

The Keshet Experience – Week 24 »

We have had another lovely week.

10 Feb

The Keshet Experience – Week 23 »

Please note that Tav, Eydan, and Alexandra, of the Ilanot class are raising money for St. Jude’s.

06 Feb

Kindness from Keshet »

The Keshet class has been learning so much about how to communicate with others, the “I Feel” sentence, how to appropriately express their emotions, giving and receiving compli

06 Feb

The Keshet Experience – week 22 »

Secular Studies
Open Circle skills are continuously practiced and modeled throughout the day.

27 Jan

The Keshet experience – week 21 »

The week was filled with new math units, crafts for the Torah Ceremony and Tu B’Shevat, songs, plays, and we are up to a really great part in our read-a-loud, James and th

20 Jan

The Keshet experience – week 20 »

Please be sure to mark your calendars….

13 Jan

The Keshet experience – Week 19 »

Another week has gone by with LOTS of learning and excitement! From measurement and shapes to sight and spelling words to learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

06 Jan

The Keshet Experience – Week 18 »

We hope everyone had an amazing vacation, Chanukah, and New Year.

23 Dec

The Keshet Experience – week 17 »

Well, we did it! Another successful Chanukah production, where the Keshet class shined!!!! We are so proud of the class for all of their hard work and participation! We thank y

16 Dec

The Keshet Experience – Week 16 »

Chanukah rehearsals are in full swing. Costumes are rolling in and the excitement is spreading like wildfire.

09 Dec

The Keshet Experience – Week 15 »

We have had another wonderful week, filled with lots of learning, social skills, and CHANUKAH songs and dances 🙂

In science we continued our Human Body Unit with the skelet

02 Dec

The Keshet Experience – Weeks 13/14 »

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and long weekend! We began our week with a very special presentation by Noa Segal, (a cousin of our very own Michal S.

01 Dec

Ezra Academy Girls Rosh Chodesh Group mixes up a batch of natural body products »

With the cold weather months approaching it’s the perfect time to start paying extra attention to our bodies. What’s better than to do that using the natural products we made ourselves.

01 Dec

Teva 2016 »

Sixth graders from Ezra Academy joined seven other small Jewish day schools for their four day, three night excursion into the woods of Falls Village, CT.
Some students were apprehensive.

01 Dec

Archaeology unit in 4/5 »

Students in 4th and 5h grade dug deeply into their own ancestry within their archaeology unit.

18 Nov

The Keshet Experience – Week 12 »

This week began with a change of seating. Children are getting a new perspective on the classroom with their new seats and new tablemates. Jacob and Michal D.

11 Nov

The Keshet Experience – Week 11 »

This week began with a classroom Tefillah led by Caleb and Orly.

04 Nov

The Keshet Experience – Week 10 »

This week began with a lovely classroom Tefillah. Our Tefillah leaders, Alexandra, and Sophie, led their congregants in an engaged and joyous manner.

28 Oct

The Keshet Experience – Weeks 8&9 »


Week 8 began with a lovely Whole School Tefillah, were the children were paired with older students and had the opport

30 Sep

Ha Mishpacha Sheli »

As we close out our 5th week of school The Keshet class presented their Ha Mishpacha Sheli program, to a room full of parents, grandparents and siblings.

30 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 5 »

Our 5th week of school and a masterful presentation by the Keshet class! We are SO incredibly proud of the hard work and amazing outcome.

23 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 4 »

Week 4 in the Keshet classroom continues to be as exciting as day one! With Ha Mishpacha Sheli rehearsals, to spelling/sight words, new forms of math and stories about the P

16 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 3 »

It’s the third week of school and we are going STRONG!!!! The Keshet class has been split into two groups for some of their activities.

09 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 2 »

It is only the second week of school and the children are all quite comfortable with their new surroundings! We were very lucky to have some special guests come talk to us this

02 Sep

The Keshet Experience – Week 1 »

It has been a fantastic first week of school. The children have entered school each day with smiles and ready to learn all about Ezra and their Keshet class.

30 Aug

Mini-metric Olympics in 2/3 »

Students in 2/3 had so much fun today learning about the metric system through the Olympics.

10 Jun

The Keshet Experience – Week 39 »

The Keshet class had a really wonderful week. On Monday almost everyone clipped up to blue!!!!!! Tuesday the school had the privilege of being run my Gabrielle H.

03 Jun

The Keshet Experience – week 38 »

The Keshet class not only experienced all of the curriculum from this week, but they also had to experience two teachers who were under the weather! I must say, as a teacher

02 Jun


On May 31st, after a long weekend, the Ezra community, once again came together in spectacular fashion.

27 May

The Keshet Experience – week 37 »

The Keshet class really enjoyed being able to show their “special friends” and grandparents around school this week.

20 May

The Keshet Experience – week 36 »

The Keshet class was soooooo excited to see that our tadpoles, Kevin, Bob, and Stuart, have begun to grow legs!!!!! We have been watching them closely and are documenting their

18 May

Trip to Israel Day 10 »

The first thing we did was go to tfilla in the desert. Instead of a traditional Amidah, we each found a place to sit and listened to the various sounds of nature, it was very peaceful.

17 May

Trip to Israel Day 9 »

Today we woke up at 4:30, way too early. At about 5:45, we got on the bus and drove up to the Masada half asleep.

17 May

Trip to Israel Day 8 »

Today we woke up and headed straight for the Kotel for a powerful tefillah. Three Kelman Brown kids read Torah, and Ezra led Tefillah and had aliyot. It was a beautiful start to the morning.

15 May

Israel Trip Days 5-7 »

Friday was a very emotional day.

13 May

The Keshet Experience – Week 35 »

The Keshet class participated in the Mile Run! Even I participated… okay fine I tried, maybe I walked…or hobbled…whatever I did it was definitely NOT

12 May

Trip to Israel Day 4 »

The day started off with a special Yom Haatzmaut Tfillah. Zara, Eve, and Sydney all read Torah beautifully.

11 May

Trip to Israel Day 3 »

We started off the morning with an early wake up at 5:45! Though sleepy, Ari, David, and Eran led Shacharit to start off the morning.

10 May

Trip to Israel Day 2 »

After a rough start to our trip (no sleep), we quickly got into the “Groove of Israel”. Today Kezra (Kellman-Brown & Ezra) embarked on a beautiful hike in the North of Israel.

09 May

Trip to Israel Day 1 »

As soon as we got off the plane, we dove right into our trip! We met our Madrichim, Tzvi, and Channi, our tour guide, Ariel, and our bus driver, Asraf, who are all very wonderful and fun! We

09 May

Trip to Israel 2016 Day 1 »

We are here!
We met Kellman-Brown and we know that we will have a great trip together.
The weather is beautiful here and we are on our way to have our welcome ceremony on the beach.

06 May

The Keshet Experience Week 34 »

I am so happy to have our Keshet class back! Everyone came back excited to tell us all about their Pesach and Seders.

08 Apr

The Keshet experience – week 31 »

The Keshet class really enjoyed this week’s Wacky Wednesday! Kids dress like teachers and teachers dress like kids.

04 Apr

Sirachachai – An Israeli restaurant at Ezra Academy »

In order to celebrate the culmination of one of our Hebrew books, Morah Jacqui’s Fifth Grade Hebrew group decided to open up a restaurant in school since the book dealt mostly with fo

01 Apr

The Keshet Experience – Week 30 »

For the first time the Keshet class took part in the Ezra Academy Invention Convention.

25 Mar

The Keshet Experience – Week 29 »

The Keshet class began the week with a snow delay…on the first day of spring no less!!! Thankfully all of the snow melted quickly and we were back to being able to use ou

24 Mar

Check out the Better together Blog! »

Click Here to Read the Blog

18 Mar

The Keshet Experience – Week 29 »

The Keshet  and Babaganoush classes went on a wonderful field trip to  Lyman Center, to see Charlotte’s Web.

10 Mar

The Keshet Experience week 27 »

The Keshet class REALLY enjoyed their Pajama Day!!!! This was something we had ALL been waiting for 🙂
This week our center’s consisted of p

04 Mar

The Keshet Experience – Week 26 »

The Keshet class had a wonderful time listening to and celebrating Dr.

02 Mar

Greek Mythology in the 6th Grade »

The Sixth Grade Greek Mythology Unit ended with a flourish.

26 Feb

The Keshet Experience – weeks 24&25 »


The Keshet class has been very busy these past two weeks! Even though we only had 3 days last week they were 3 days full of learning and abso

25 Feb

Rimon on Rimmon »

Click the image to read.

23 Feb

Morning Milat Ha’Yom and Weather »

Each Morning at Ezra Academy, we are greeted with a Milat Ha’Yom. Vicki and Ron, our Emissaries, share with us , the “word of the day”, in a silly or joking manner.

19 Feb


Keshet in Hebrew means RAINBOW, so it seems fitting that each child in the Keshet class is bright, colorful, and a unique beauty.

12 Feb

Happy Heart Day!!! »

Last Friday we had a spectacular day planned. It was Wear Red Day, for women’s heart health.

12 Feb

The Keshet Experience – Weeks 22&23 »

The Keshet class did something very special. They learned about the Kotel, saw it live on the computer AND each had the opportunity to write a note.

29 Jan

The Keshet Experience / SIDDUR CEREMONY AND ART SHOW!!!! »

The Keshet class was so thrilled to FINALLY be able to celebrate their Siddur Ceremony and Art Show! All of their hard work paid off and they presented everything so beautif

22 Jan

The Keshet experience – Week 20 »

The Keshet class has been working SO hard on their Siddur Ceremony and Art Show!!!! Please be sure to join us on Friday, January, 29, 2016 at 9:00am in the B’nai Jacob Cha

15 Jan

A Tree Full of Mitzvot »

The Keshet Class has been learning about Tu B’Shevat, the birthday of the trees.