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23 Dec

Students in kindergarten through grade 3 had a wonderful learning experience. Catherine, a teacher from critter caravan came with her world map and her bins and buckets. The first mammal was a chinchilla named Whiskers. Whiskers, is originally from South America. After Morah Beth had her chance to hold Whiskers, all the students had an opportunity to pet or snuggle with Whiskers too.

The second critter was a tortoise from Africa. Bubba, the tortoise is a red-footed tortoise and has one shell that goes from the underside to the top side. The students had the chance to knock gently on the hard shell and to lift the big-boned tortoise up.

We stayed in Africa for the third creature. Spiky is a small hedgehog who is very shy. We had to very carefully pet the hedgehog, moving our hands in the correct direction so as not to hurt Spiky. We also learned that Spiky is an insectivore and searches for food at night.

We then met a ball python named Hugs. Hugs was very cold to the touch today because his heat lamp burnt out during the night. Hugs loved sitting on the shoulders of all these nice warm kids!

Next we headed to Australia. The Bearded Dragon lizard is named Lola. Lola has holes in the side of her head for which are her ears. Lola is yellowish-tannish which is part of her camouflage.

Finally, we met a rabbit, but not just a regular rabbit. Mittens is an English Angora rabbit from England. Mittens is only 8 months old and has already been shorn one time. She will be groomed again very soon so people can use the wool to make yarn which will then be used to make scarves, hats or even mittens!

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