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14 Oct

Ezra Traditions

This past week was Sukkot, so we only had school on Monday, Tuesday, and half of Wednesday. On Tuesday, the eighth grade, Morah Marcy, Morah Amalya, Raz, Ofir, and I went on the annual New York trip. We went on this trip  because the eighth grade is responsible for getting the lulavim and etrogim for the entire school.

A lulav consists of several things that make it kosher for the holiday of Sukkot. It is a long, skinny plant that has two other plants on the sides: myrtle (aravim) and willow (hadasim). On Sukkot, we shake the lulav on certain words when we sing Hallel. We also got the etrogim, which is a lemon-like citrus fruit. When you shake the lulav (which is held in your right hand), you hold the etrog in your left hand and shake them together.

On Tuesday morning after tefillah, we left for New York. Later that day, we went to the Tenement Museum and learned what it was like to be an Italian family that immigrated to New York.  After that, we went to get the lulavim and etrogim! Once we got there, we split up into several groups. One group counted the lulavim, while other groups sorted hadasim, arravim, the etrogim, and the cases. After we counted everything up, we actually learned how to assemble them.

On Wednesday we assembled the lulavim and got ready for the holiday.  We split up into groups again and we all added the next piece to the lulav.  This trip was very fun and it was also a great learning and bonding experience.  All of these trips are preparing us for our two weeks together in Israel.  I just can’t wait!

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