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05 Mar


Our 8th graders spent the day getting ready for Purim, a Jewish Holiday that celebrates the survival of the Jews in ancient Persia against Haman’s plot to wipe them out. The 8th graders prepared for the holiday by making groggers, which are made of two parts, a handle and a noisemaker. The noisemaker has a gear that bangs against a wooden flap. This is secured on a swivel so when you rotate your wrist it creates a sort of cranking noise.

All 15 8th graders worked with Morah Marcy, Morah Amalya and Ezra Parent Evan Wyner to build their very own grogger.  The students all worked with drills, saws, screwdrivers, and paint. What was first some scrap wood and screws became a personal creation that will be cherished forever. Each student decorated their grogger in any way they wanted using the paint that was provided. There were some groggers that had zig-zags, some that had a splatter of sorts of different colors, and some that had neat organized color patterns. After painting the groggers they were placed in the gym to dry, and all of the students excitedly waited for their chance to bring the noise!

The 8th graders will use these when they’re at the Purim Service at the synagogue and school service. It is a fun time for all of the students when they create that cranking sound in unison. This is a great way to spread the holiday cheer and for the 8th graders to get in the spirit of Purim.

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