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20 Nov

In 1620 the Mayflower sailed to North America, in 2017 the students in Babaganoush at Ezra Academy enjoyed completing a Mayflower ship building challenge in the maker’s space.

In the STEM challenge students had to work collaboratively to create a boat that would float and hold the weight of Lego “pilgrims.” The students were given limited time and materials.

After the initial construction of the ships students put them to the test in a tub of water. The first test was to see if the ship would float. If it floated the students added the pilgrim followed by pennies to see how much weight the ships could hold before they sank.

The students observed each other’s ships and drew conclusions as to what aspects of the designs worked most effectively to keep the ships afloat. Most of the ships sunk immediately after adding the weight of the pilgrims and pennies. Two ships stayed afloat for longer than two minutes with both passengers and cargo!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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