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27 Feb


In Grade 8 Social Studies, we have just ended an incredible unit on Islam. It is part of our curriculum that centers on how the Jewish community has adapted to societal changes. In this unit, the students researched Mohammed and early Islam, the “Golden Age” of the Jews under Muslim rule, the Five Pillars of Islam, jihad and modern terrorist groups.

Students taught each other all about these different ideas and then gave presentations on each. For their final project, each student had to create a children’s book about one salient aspect of Islam. The students’ creativity really shone through.

One book is about students who went to find the pillars in Pakistan, one centers on a young Muslim girl arguing with her mom and doing zakat (charity) to benefit others, and another talks about the spiritual aspects of the pillars. Each one of their books is unique, imaginative and colorful. Along with their research papers and studies of Islamic art, the students really have gained quite a large amount of knowledge about Islam. Our books are on a table outside of room 6 if you would like to see them! As a culmination of our unit, an Imam is coming to visit the class to answer all the questions we still have about modern Islam and the Koran.

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