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07 Mar

While learning about the Nile river, Egyptian inventions, and agriculture students in fourth and fifth grade used their Teva Tuesday time to build a shaduf. A shaduf (also spelled shadoof) is a device consisting of a suspended rod with a bucket on one end and a counter weight on the other used to raise water for irrigation.

Students first worked in teams to follow the engineering design process The first step is ASK. Some thinking/talking points included: what do we want to do? what materials will we need? where will we get materials? how will we move the water? The next two steps are IMAGINE and PLAN. Students drew diagrams, wrote ideas and made lists to accomplish both of these.

Then students tried to do the CREATE step. Groups of students were very inventive. Most of the groups were able to raise water but none of them were able to actually create the suspended rod part of a shaduf. The last step is IMPROVE… so next Tuesday students will use their written reflections and experience gained to continue to work on this project. Stay Tuned!

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