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Welcome to Ezra Academy!

We are a Kindergarten-Grade 8 Schechter independent school in the greater New Haven area. Our faculty, students, parents, and alumni create a vibrant and caring community! We warmly welcome children from all branches of Judaism.

Ezra Academy is a very special place. Visiting our classrooms during school hours is one of the best ways to see our students and faculty in action and to experience the Ezra school spirit. Our educational methods emphasize differentiated instruction using creative and effective teaching strategies.016

Ezra Academy stresses the creation of lifelong learners with a strong Jewish identity. Our elementary and middle school experience is dedicated to this critical time for decision-making and skill building. Our students become empowered through learning to become socially responsible citizens.

We offer:

  •       A dual curriculum that provides our students with an outstanding education in both secular and Judaic studies.
  •       A faculty who is accomplished and dedicated.
  •       A unique Hebrew language program.
  •       Small class sizes with individualized attention.
  •       Remarkable standardized test scores.
  •       Creative study of Torah, prayer, and holidays.
  •       A field- trip program that gives students learning opportunities away from the school building.
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  •       An outstanding extra-curricular sports program.
  •       An environment in which students and parents make life-long friendships through Ezra Academy.
  •       Extremely successful graduates, who in high school and college become active, involved members of their communities.

After you explore this website, I welcome you to call for a tour so that you may experience Ezra Academy for yourself.  While the website will provide a great deal of interesting information, it cannot be a substitute for a visit to our school.

Please contact Melanie Waynik, Head of School, with any questions you have regarding eligibility and admissions.

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