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15 Jan

The Keshet Class has been learning about Tu B’Shevat, the birthday of the trees. Today’s lesson began with a conversation about trees, how they grow and what they need to survive. We also talked about their roots and how important they are for the support of the tree. The children then heard a story called “The Mitzvah Tree”, a story about a tree who only wanted to do mitzvot, but felt as though every time he tried he failed. With the help of his friends, the tree, discovered that even he, was able to do mitzvot.

The story was followed by a conversation, about what a mitzvah is, and how each one of them can incorporate mitzvot into their daily routine. At the beginning of the new year each child was given a “kindness calendar” with random acts of kindness to perform throughout the month. The connection was made that an act of kindness is also a mitzvah, and that each person has the ability to fill the world with mitzvot!

After the classroom discussion, the children were shown a time lapse, video clip of a tree’s growth over a period of 145 years. The bringing together a science curriculum with a Judaic unit, really showed the children how connected everything can be.

שמח בשבט ט"ו ב!
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