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23 Mar

Ari, a member of the Keshet class approached me asking for help for a cause. He is raising money to help save the Black Rhino and Pangolin, two endangered species. He came to me with a poster asking if I would help support his cause. I told him that I would not only support it, but I would help to spread the word. It was not long before all of the Ezra faculty and staff, students, and families knew of Ari’s cause. I am so thrilled to, once again, see our community come together in support of a good cause!

Ari not only wants help to save these animals but he wanted to share why he likes them. Please read below to see, in Ari’s own words, why he chose these animals to help.
Ari’s Fundraiser… A Mitzvah in the Making…
“My name is Ari and I am trying to save the endangered animal, the Black Rhino from being extinct. I like them because they have black skin and white rhino’s aren’t my favorite kind. I also like how they act at sudden movements. If you go too close and make a sudden movement they might charge, so I wouldn’t do that if I were you. 
I also like the endangered animal the Pangolin, because of its very sharp scales. I like how they curl up and when a predator tries to eat them the scales will stick into their mouth. So if you ever meet a Pangolin, try not to touch it at the end of it’s scales because it could really hurt you. 
So what I am trying to do is raise money to donate so that I can help these endangered animals. Please help me if you don’t want them to be extinct either. “
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