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23 Oct

This year, the fifth grade students started math in a different way.  Instead of the traditional path of place value and operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, they have begun with a unit on Geometry.

After studying area and volume, the 5th grade was assigned a project in which they had to put their skills to the test.  Each student was asked to choose a word between 6 and 8 letters long from their current spelling list.  The first part of the project was to find the area of their word.  To do this, they used graph paper to draw out and add color to their word in block letters.

The second part of the project was to make their word 3 dimensional.   They were instructed to create a model of the word they chose and then find the volume of their creation.  The students were given the option to use any medium they wanted as long as it could be measured, in centimeters, in order to find the volume.  Many of the students decided to use Legos, although some thought a little more outside the box.

The last part of this project was a language arts component.  Once the area and volume were found, each student was asked to write a short summary of the project.  This summary was to include the area and volume written in a sentence, as well as the definition of their word.  The last part of their summary was to write a sentence that not only included the word they chose, but also incorporated math.

The students had about a week to complete this project outside of school and were encouraged to ask their family for help in creating their model.


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